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Be the First to Believe
WAV Audio/Video Sample (2 Mo) 
Add Be the First to Believe on the custom karaokeA1Easy KaraokeEK01082
Caught in the Middle
WAV Audio/Video Sample (2 Mo) 
Add Caught in the Middle on the custom karaokeA1Easy KaraokeEK01414
MP3 Audio Sample (200 Ko) 
WAV Audio/Video Sample (2 Mo) 
Add Everytime on the custom karaokeA1Easy KaraokeEK00007
Like a Rose
MP3 Audio Sample (200 Ko) 
WAV Audio/Video Sample (2 Mo) 
Add Like a Rose on the custom karaokeA1Easy KaraokeEK00028
Make It Good
WAV Audio/Video Sample (2 Mo) 
Add Make It Good on the custom karaokeA1Easy KaraokeEK01949
No More
WAV Audio/Video Sample (2 Mo) 
Add No More on the custom karaokeA1Easy KaraokeEK01275
Same Old Brand New You
WAV Audio/Video Sample (2 Mo) 
Add Same Old Brand New You on the custom karaokeA1Easy KaraokeEK01207
Summertime of Our Lives
WAV Audio/Video Sample (2 Mo) 
Add Summertime of Our Lives on the custom karaokeA1Easy KaraokeEK01115
Take on MeAdd Take on Me on the custom karaokeA1Zoom EntertainmentsZM06000

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