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She’s Not Cryin’ AnymoreAdd She’s Not Cryin’ Anymore on the custom karaokeBilly Ray CyrusiKaraokeIK00753
Some Gave AllAdd Some Gave All on the custom karaokeBilly Ray CyrusMusic MaestroMM00548
Where’m I Gonna LiveAdd Where’m I Gonna Live on the custom karaokeBilly Ray CyrusMusic MaestroMM00549
I Can HelpAdd I Can Help on the custom karaokeBilly SwanDKKaraokeDK00588
SurrenderAdd Surrender on the custom karaokeBilly TalentiKaraokeIK00818
Don’t Fence Me InAdd Don’t Fence Me In on the custom karaokeBing CrosbyForever HitsFH16566
Have Yourself a Merry Little ChristmasAdd Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas on the custom karaokeBing CrosbyPriddis MusicPR00068
True LoveAdd True Love on the custom karaokeBing CrosbyiKaraokeIK00933
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Add Paranoid on the custom karaokeBlack SabbathEasy KaraokeEK00254
Down in FlamesAdd Down in Flames on the custom karaokeBlackhawkMusic MaestroMM00568
I Sure Can Smell the RainAdd I Sure Can Smell the Rain on the custom karaokeBlackhawkMusic MaestroMM00565
Heavy Liftin’Add Heavy Liftin’ on the custom karaokeBlake SheltonMusic MaestroMM00576
The BabyAdd The Baby on the custom karaokeBlake SheltonMusic MaestroMM00580
All AlongAdd All Along on the custom karaokeBlessid Union Of SoulsMusic MaestroMM00587
Hey LeonardoAdd Hey Leonardo on the custom karaokeBlessid Union Of SoulsMusic MaestroMM00584
I BelieveAdd I Believe on the custom karaokeBlessid Union Of SoulsMusic MaestroMM00589
I Wanna Be ThereAdd I Wanna Be There on the custom karaokeBlessid Union Of SoulsMusic MaestroMM00586
Light in Your EyesAdd Light in Your Eyes on the custom karaokeBlessid Union Of SoulsMusic MaestroMM00585
No RainAdd No Rain on the custom karaokeBlind MelonMusic MaestroMM00592
Adam’s SongAdd Adam’s Song on the custom karaokeBlink-182Music MaestroMM00595
All the Small Things
MP3 Audio Sample (200 Ko) 
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Add All the Small Things on the custom karaokeBlink-182Easy KaraokeEK00043
The Rock Show
WAV Audio/Video Sample (2 Mo) 
Add The Rock Show on the custom karaokeBlink-182Easy KaraokeEK01349
What’s My Age Again?Add What’s My Age Again? on the custom karaokeBlink-182Music MaestroMM00593
Good Boys
WAV Audio/Video Sample (2 Mo) 
Add Good Boys on the custom karaokeBlondieEasy KaraokeEK06158
Spinning WheelAdd Spinning Wheel on the custom karaokeBlood Sweat & TearsDKKaraokeDK01268
You’ve Made Me So Very HappyAdd You’ve Made Me So Very Happy on the custom karaokeBlood Sweat & TearsDKKaraokeDK01674
WAV Audio/Video Sample (2 Mo) 
Add Breathe on the custom karaokeBlu Cantrell featuring Sean PaulEasy KaraokeEK06055
Hit ’Em Up StyleAdd Hit ’Em Up Style on the custom karaokeBlu CantrellMusic MaestroMM00601
Butterfly KissesAdd Butterfly Kisses on the custom karaokeBob CarlisleMusic MaestroMM00612
Elusive ButterflyAdd Elusive Butterfly on the custom karaokeBob LindDKKaraokeDK00374
Buffalo Soldier
WAV Audio/Video Sample (2 Mo) 
Add Buffalo Soldier on the custom karaokeBob Marley & The WailersEasy KaraokeEK00623
Chances AreAdd Chances Are on the custom karaokeBob Seger and Martina McBrideMusic MaestroMM00640
Lock and LoadAdd Lock and Load on the custom karaokeBob Seger and The Silver Bullet BandMusic MaestroMM00641
MainstreetAdd Mainstreet on the custom karaokeBob SegerMusic MaestroMM00637
Night MovesAdd Night Moves on the custom karaokeBob SegerMusic MaestroMM00635
Still the SameAdd Still the Same on the custom karaokeBob SegerMusic MaestroMM00634
Can We Fix It?
WAV Audio/Video Sample (2 Mo) 
Add Can We Fix It? on the custom karaokeBob The BuilderEasy KaraokeEK01214
Faded LoveAdd Faded Love on the custom karaokeBob Wills and His Texas PlayboysForever HitsFH16610
Ode to Billie JoeAdd Ode to Billie Joe on the custom karaokeBobbie GentryDKKaraokeDK01006
Detroit CityAdd Detroit City on the custom karaokeBobby BareDKKaraokeDK00309
Every Little StepAdd Every Little Step on the custom karaokeBobby BrowniKaraokeIK00248
Baby FaceAdd Baby Face on the custom karaokeBobby DarinMusic MaestroMM06408
Dream Lover
WAV Audio/Video Sample (2 Mo) 
Add Dream Lover on the custom karaokeBobby DarinEasy KaraokeEK00839
Mack the Knife
MP3 Audio Sample (200 Ko) 
WAV Audio/Video Sample (2 Mo) 
Add Mack the Knife on the custom karaokeBobby DarinEasy KaraokeEK00356
Splish SplashAdd Splish Splash on the custom karaokeBobby DarinDKKaraokeDK01270
I Fought the LawAdd I Fought the Law on the custom karaokeBobby Fuller FourForever HitsFH14737
HoneyAdd Honey on the custom karaokeBobby GoldsboroDKKaraokeDK00558
SunnyAdd Sunny on the custom karaokeBobby HebbDKKaraokeDK01307
My Special AngelAdd My Special Angel on the custom karaokeBobby HelmMusic MaestroMM00657
Tossin’ & Turnin’Add Tossin’ & Turnin’ on the custom karaokeBobby LewisDKKaraokeDK01478
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