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Every Rose Has Its ThornAdd Every Rose Has Its Thorn on the custom karaokePoisonPriddis MusicPR03099
Fallen AngelAdd Fallen Angel on the custom karaokePoisoniKaraokeIK00259
I Want ActionAdd I Want Action on the custom karaokePoisoniKaraokeIK00421
Nothin’ but a Good TimeAdd Nothin’ but a Good Time on the custom karaokePoisonMusic MaestroMM04347
Something to Believe InAdd Something to Believe In on the custom karaokePoisoniKaraokeIK00788
Talk Dirty to MeAdd Talk Dirty to Me on the custom karaokePoisoniKaraokeIK00828
Ghetto Supastar (That Is What You Are) (duet version)
WAV Audio/Video Sample (2 Mo) 
Add Ghetto Supastar (That Is What You Are) (duet version) on the custom karaokePras Michel featuring Ol’ Dirty Bastard and MýaEasy KaraokeEK00942
WAV Audio/Video Sample (2 Mo) 
Add Kiss on the custom karaokePrinceEasy KaraokeEK05616
Little Red CorvetteAdd Little Red Corvette on the custom karaokePrinceDKKaraokeDK00835
Purple Rain
WAV Audio/Video Sample (2 Mo) 
Add Purple Rain on the custom karaokePrinceEasy KaraokeEK05893
Raspberry Beret
WAV Audio/Video Sample (2 Mo) 
Add Raspberry Beret on the custom karaokePrinceEasy KaraokeEK00745
The Most Beautiful Girl in the World
WAV Audio/Video Sample (2 Mo) 
Add The Most Beautiful Girl in the World on the custom karaokePrinceEasy KaraokeEK05625
1999Add 1999 on the custom karaokePrince & The RevolutionPriddis MusicPR02740
Thieves in the Temple
WAV Audio/Video Sample (2 Mo) 
Add Thieves in the Temple on the custom karaokePrinceEasy KaraokeEK05941
SobrevivireAdd Sobrevivire on the custom karaokePriscila Y Sus Balas De PlataTropical ZoneTZ02314
A Whiter Shade of Pale
WAV Audio/Video Sample (2 Mo) 
Add A Whiter Shade of Pale on the custom karaokeProcol HarumEasy KaraokeEK00522
Esta Pega’oAdd Esta Pega’o on the custom karaokeProyecto UnoTropical ZoneTZ00957
BlurryAdd Blurry on the custom karaokePuddle Of MuddMusic MaestroMM04364
She Hates MeAdd She Hates Me on the custom karaokePuddle Of MuddMusic MaestroMM04365
AmieAdd Amie on the custom karaokePure Prairie LeagueDKKaraokeDK00065
Don’t Cha
WAV Audio/Video Sample (2 Mo) 
Add Don’t Cha on the custom karaokePussycat Dolls featuring Busta RhymesEasy KaraokeEK06539
Right NowAdd Right Now on the custom karaokePussycat DollsPriddis MusicPR03110
StickwituAdd Stickwitu on the custom karaokePussycat DollsEasy KaraokeEK06563
Wait a MinuteAdd Wait a Minute on the custom karaokePussycat DollsPriddis MusicPR03107
Harden My HeartAdd Harden My Heart on the custom karaokeQuarterflashMusic MaestroMM04369
Indiana Wants MeAdd Indiana Wants Me on the custom karaokeR. Dean TaylorZoom EntertainmentsZM03221
At My Most Beautiful
WAV Audio/Video Sample (2 Mo) 
Add At My Most Beautiful on the custom karaokeR.E.M.Easy KaraokeEK01051
Bang and BlameAdd Bang and Blame on the custom karaokeR E MMusic MaestroMM04383
Bittersweet MeAdd Bittersweet Me on the custom karaokeR E MMusic MaestroMM04380
WAV Audio/Video Sample (2 Mo) 
Add Daysleeper on the custom karaokeR E MEasy KaraokeEK00996
Everybody Hurts
WAV Audio/Video Sample (2 Mo) 
Add Everybody Hurts on the custom karaokeR.E.M.Easy KaraokeEK01685
Imitation of Life
MP3 Audio Sample (200 Ko) 
WAV Audio/Video Sample (2 Mo) 
Add Imitation of Life on the custom karaokeR.E.M.Easy KaraokeEK00145
It’s the End of the World as We Know ItAdd It’s the End of the World as We Know It on the custom karaokeR.E.M.iKaraokeIK00511
Losing My Religion
WAV Audio/Video Sample (2 Mo) 
Add Losing My Religion on the custom karaokeR.E.M.Easy KaraokeEK00620
Man on the Moon
WAV Audio/Video Sample (2 Mo) 
Add Man on the Moon on the custom karaokeR.E.M.Easy KaraokeEK05623
Near Wild HeavenAdd Near Wild Heaven on the custom karaokeR.E.M.Zoom EntertainmentsZM02175
Radio Free EuropeAdd Radio Free Europe on the custom karaokeR.E.M.iKaraokeIK00706
Shiny Happy People
WAV Audio/Video Sample (2 Mo) 
Add Shiny Happy People on the custom karaokeR.E.M.Easy KaraokeEK05901
StandAdd Stand on the custom karaokeR.E.M.iKaraokeIK00795
What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?
WAV Audio/Video Sample (2 Mo) 
Add What’s the Frequency, Kenneth? on the custom karaokeR.E.M.Easy KaraokeEK05779
Bad ManAdd Bad Man on the custom karaokeR. KellyiKaraokeIK00098
Bump n’ Grind
WAV Audio/Video Sample (2 Mo) 
Add Bump n’ Grind on the custom karaokeR. KellyEasy KaraokeEK05831
I’m Your Angel
WAV Audio/Video Sample (2 Mo) 
Add I’m Your Angel on the custom karaokeR. Kelly featuring Céline DionEasy KaraokeEK01004
Gotham City
WAV Audio/Video Sample (2 Mo) 
Add Gotham City on the custom karaokeR. KellyEasy KaraokeEK01790
I Believe I Can Fly
MP3 Audio Sample (200 Ko) 
WAV Audio/Video Sample (2 Mo) 
Add I Believe I Can Fly on the custom karaokeR. KellyEasy KaraokeEK00277
I Can’t Sleep Baby (If I)
WAV Audio/Video Sample (2 Mo) 
Add I Can’t Sleep Baby (If I) on the custom karaokeR. KellyEasy KaraokeEK05859
I Wish
WAV Audio/Video Sample (2 Mo) 
Add I Wish on the custom karaokeR. KellyEasy KaraokeEK05865
WAV Audio/Video Sample (2 Mo) 
Add Ignition on the custom karaokeR. KellyEasy KaraokeEK05943
Honey LoveAdd Honey Love on the custom karaokeR. Kelly & Public AnnouncementiKaraokeIK00359
She’s Got That Vibe
WAV Audio/Video Sample (2 Mo) 
Add She’s Got That Vibe on the custom karaokeR. KellyEasy KaraokeEK05900
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