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Wonderful World
WAV Audio/Video Sample (2 Mo) 
Add Wonderful World on the custom karaokeJames MorrisonEasy KaraokeEK06747
Days of Our LivesAdd Days of Our Lives on the custom karaokeJames OttoMusic MaestroMM06132
HandymanAdd Handyman on the custom karaokeJames TaylorDKKaraokeDK00488
How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved by You)Add How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved by You) on the custom karaokeJames TaylorMusic MaestroMM02705
UnpredictableAdd Unpredictable on the custom karaokeJamie FoxEasy Karaokeek06659
FranticAdd Frantic on the custom karaokeJamie O’nealMusic MaestroMM02709
ShiverAdd Shiver on the custom karaokeJamie O’nealMusic MaestroMM02710
There Is No ArizonaAdd There Is No Arizona on the custom karaokeJamie O’NealiKaraokeIK00909
Trying to Find AtlantisAdd Trying to Find Atlantis on the custom karaokeJamie O’nealMusic MaestroMM06471
When I Think About AngelsAdd When I Think About Angels on the custom karaokeJamie O’nealMusic MaestroMM02711
Deeper Underground
WAV Audio/Video Sample (2 Mo) 
Add Deeper Underground on the custom karaokeJamiraquoiEasy KaraokeEK00956
Surf CityAdd Surf City on the custom karaokeJan & DeanDKKaraokeDK01315
The Little Old Lady From PasadenaAdd The Little Old Lady From Pasadena on the custom karaokeJan & DeanDKKaraokeDK01396
All for You
MP3 Audio Sample (200 Ko) 
WAV Audio/Video Sample (2 Mo) 
Add All for You on the custom karaokeJanet JacksonEasy KaraokeEK00124
ControlAdd Control on the custom karaokeJanet JacksonDKKaraokeDK00257
Doesn’t Really Matter
WAV Audio/Video Sample (2 Mo) 
Add Doesn’t Really Matter on the custom karaokeJanet JacksonEasy KaraokeEK01167
EscapadeAdd Escapade on the custom karaokeJanet JacksonPriddis MusicPR00194
Love Will Never Do (Without You)Add Love Will Never Do (Without You) on the custom karaokeJanet JacksoniKaraokeIK00577
Miss You MuchAdd Miss You Much on the custom karaokeJanet JacksonDKKaraokeDK00929
NastyAdd Nasty on the custom karaokeJanet JacksonDKKaraokeDK00968
WAV Audio/Video Sample (2 Mo) 
Add Runaway on the custom karaokeJanet JacksonEasy KaraokeEK05897
Together Again
WAV Audio/Video Sample (2 Mo) 
Add Together Again on the custom karaokeJanet JacksonEasy KaraokeEK01828
What Have You Done for Me LatelyAdd What Have You Done for Me Lately on the custom karaokeJanet JacksonDKKaraokeDK01559
When I Think of YouAdd When I Think of You on the custom karaokeJanet JacksonDKKaraokeDK01571
He’s a HeartacheAdd He’s a Heartache on the custom karaokeJanie FrickeMusic MaestroMM02721
Cry BabyAdd Cry Baby on the custom karaokeJanis JoplinMusic MaestroMM02725
Me and Bobby McGeeAdd Me and Bobby McGee on the custom karaokeJanis JoplinMusic MaestroMM02726
Piece of My HeartAdd Piece of My Heart on the custom karaokeJanis JoplinDKKaraokeDK01059
InsensitiveAdd Insensitive on the custom karaokeJann ArdenMusic MaestroMM02727
Greater Is HeAdd Greater Is He on the custom karaokeJanna LongPriddis MusicPR01533
A Little Bit of SoapAdd A Little Bit of Soap on the custom karaokeJarmelsMusic MaestroMM06133
FloodAdd Flood on the custom karaokeJars Of ClayPriddis MusicPR01418
In My HeadAdd In My Head on the custom karaokeJason DeruloEasy KaraokeEK07281
Ridin’ SoloAdd Ridin’ Solo on the custom karaokeJason DeruloEasy KaraokeEK07302
Whatcha SayAdd Whatcha Say on the custom karaokeJason DeruloEasy KaraokeEK07286
WordplayAdd Wordplay on the custom karaokeJason MrazPriddis MusicPR03183
Cara MiaAdd Cara Mia on the custom karaokeJay and The AmericansMusic MaestroMM02732
Come a Little Bit CloserAdd Come a Little Bit Closer on the custom karaokeJay and The AmericansMusic MaestroMM02733
Only in AmericaAdd Only in America on the custom karaokeJay And The AmericansiKaraokeIK00670
DownAdd Down on the custom karaokeJay Sean featuring Lil WayneEasy KaraokeEK07228
This Magic MomentAdd This Magic Moment on the custom karaokeJay & The AmericansDKKaraokeDK01451
LagrimasAdd Lagrimas on the custom karaokeJD NatashaTropical ZoneTZ01327
Satin SheetsAdd Satin Sheets on the custom karaokeJeanne PruettMusic MaestroMM02737
Harper Valley P.T.A.Add Harper Valley P.T.A. on the custom karaokeJeannie C. RileyForever HitsFH16347
I Wanna Make You CryAdd I Wanna Make You Cry on the custom karaokeJeff BatesMusic MaestroMM06135
Shine OnAdd Shine On on the custom karaokeJeff CarsonMusic MaestroMM02745
Angel EyesAdd Angel Eyes on the custom karaokeJeff Healy BandMusic MaestroMM02748
Somebody to LoveAdd Somebody to Love on the custom karaokeJefferson AirplaneDKKaraokeDK01246
White RabbitAdd White Rabbit on the custom karaokeJefferson AirplaneDKKaraokeDK01588
On the Wings of LoveAdd On the Wings of Love on the custom karaokeJeffrey OsborneMusic MaestroMM02754
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