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Love Is a Sweet ThingAdd Love Is a Sweet Thing on the custom karaokeFaith HillPriddis MusicPR03011
Mississippi GirlAdd Mississippi Girl on the custom karaokeFaith HillPriddis MusicPR03221
Someone Else’s DreamAdd Someone Else’s Dream on the custom karaokeFaith HillMusic MaestroMM02204
Sunshine and SummertimeAdd Sunshine and Summertime on the custom karaokeFaith HillPriddis MusicPR03014
Take Me as I AmAdd Take Me as I Am on the custom karaokeFaith HillMusic MaestroMM02202
That’s How Love MovesAdd That’s How Love Moves on the custom karaokeFaith HilliKaraokeIK00846
The Secret of LifeAdd The Secret of Life on the custom karaokeFaith HillMusic MaestroMM02197
The Way You Love Me
WAV Audio/Video Sample (2 Mo) 
Add The Way You Love Me on the custom karaokeFaith HillEasy KaraokeEK01487
There Will Come a DayAdd There Will Come a Day on the custom karaokeFaith HillMusic MaestroMM02187
There You’ll Be
WAV Audio/Video Sample (2 Mo) 
Add There You’ll Be on the custom karaokeFaith HillEasy KaraokeEK01341
This Kiss
WAV Audio/Video Sample (2 Mo) 
Add This Kiss on the custom karaokeFaith HillEasy KaraokeEK01471
You Can’t Lose MeAdd You Can’t Lose Me on the custom karaokeFaith HillMusic MaestroMM02192
You’re Still HereAdd You’re Still Here on the custom karaokeFaith HillMusic MaestroMM02191
Sugar We’re Going Down
WAV Audio/Video Sample (2 Mo) 
Add Sugar We’re Going Down on the custom karaokeFallout BoyEasy KaraokeEK06636
I BelieveAdd I Believe on the custom karaokeFantasia BarrinoMusic MaestroMM06308
Hello WallsAdd Hello Walls on the custom karaokeFaron YoungForever HitsFH14646
If You Ain’t Lovin’Add If You Ain’t Lovin’ on the custom karaokeFaron YoungMusic MaestroMM02210
Fire EscapeAdd Fire Escape on the custom karaokeFastballMusic MaestroMM02213
Out of My HeadAdd Out of My Head on the custom karaokeFastballMusic MaestroMM02211
The Way
WAV Audio/Video Sample (2 Mo) 
Add The Way on the custom karaokeFastballEasy KaraokeEK00984
Blueberry Hill
WAV Audio/Video Sample (2 Mo) 
Add Blueberry Hill on the custom karaokeFats DominoEasy KaraokeEK00596
I’m Walkin’Add I’m Walkin’ on the custom karaokeFats DominoDKKaraokeDK00684
Big Girls Don’t Cry
WAV Audio/Video Sample (2 Mo) 
Add Big Girls Don’t Cry on the custom karaokeFergieEasy KaraokeEK06869
London Bridge
WAV Audio/Video Sample (2 Mo) 
Add London Bridge on the custom karaokeFergieEasy KaraokeEK06723
Fly AwayAdd Fly Away on the custom karaokeFFHPriddis MusicPR01506
Love Is a Many-Splendored ThingAdd Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing on the custom karaokeFilm and TVPriddis MusicPR00050
Take a PictureAdd Take a Picture on the custom karaokeFilterMusic MaestroMM02219
Love of a LifetimeAdd Love of a Lifetime on the custom karaokeFirehouseMusic MaestroMM02226
The RiddleAdd The Riddle on the custom karaokeFive For FightingiKaraokeIK00889
Rock the Party
WAV Audio/Video Sample (2 Mo) 
Add Rock the Party on the custom karaokeFiveEasy KaraokeEK01405
In the Still of the NightAdd In the Still of the Night on the custom karaokeFive SatinsMusic MaestroMM02230
Ooh ChildAdd Ooh Child on the custom karaokeFive StairstepsMusic MaestroMM02231
I Only Have Eyes for YouAdd I Only Have Eyes for You on the custom karaokeFlamingosMusic MaestroMM02232
Don’t StopAdd Don’t Stop on the custom karaokeFleetwood MacMusic MaestroMM02234
EverywhereAdd Everywhere on the custom karaokeFleetwood MacZoom EntertainmentsZM00480
Say You Love MeAdd Say You Love Me on the custom karaokeFleetwood MacDKKaraokeDK01163
SongbirdAdd Songbird on the custom karaokeFleetwood MacZoom EntertainmentsZM00474
The ChainAdd The Chain on the custom karaokeFleetwood MacZoom EntertainmentsZM00483
You Make Lovin’ FunAdd You Make Lovin’ Fun on the custom karaokeFleetwood MaciKaraokeIK01037
Come Softly to MeAdd Come Softly to Me on the custom karaokeFleetwoodsDKKaraokeDK00252
WAV Audio/Video Sample (2 Mo) 
Add Low on the custom karaokeFlo Rida featuring T-PainEasy KaraokeEK06982
Dog Days Are Over
WAV Audio/Video Sample (2 Mo) 
Add Dog Days Are Over on the custom karaokeFlorence and the MachineEasy KaraokeEK07138
All Around MeAdd All Around Me on the custom karaokeFlyleafPriddis MusicPR02906
Best of You
WAV Audio/Video Sample (2 Mo) 
Add Best of You on the custom karaokeFoo FightersEasy KaraokeEK06502
The Pretender
WAV Audio/Video Sample (2 Mo) 
Add The Pretender on the custom karaokeFoo FightersEasy KaraokeEK06912
Tender LoveAdd Tender Love on the custom karaokeForce MD’sDKKaraokeDK01349
MenAdd Men on the custom karaokeForester SistersDKKaraokeDK00920
Leave It AloneAdd Leave It Alone on the custom karaokeForrester SistersMusic MaestroMM02251
December ’63
WAV Audio/Video Sample (2 Mo) 
Add December ’63 on the custom karaokeFour SeasonsEasy KaraokeEK00566
Let’s Hang OnAdd Let’s Hang On on the custom karaokeFour SeasonsZoom EntertainmentsZM01860
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