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10,739 songs available!

Now with the custom karaoke you will create your own karaoke and only with your best songs.

Your name is printed on the disc!

By going ahead with a personalized CD+G, with professional quality musics and with only your favorites songs. Your name will be printed on it!

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It's a real CD+G karaoke disc with the words of songs (lyrics) on the screen! It's not a simple music download that you will loose if you have problems with your computer.

We will deliver your order in fast and effective way most of the time via AIR MAIL around the world. Start now to choose among a collection of 10,739 popular songs titles.

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What should you expect?

One or more CD+G's

With the custom karaoke system you will benefit from the new technologies developed by "Pro-Burn" and you will get the greatest choice of songs for your karaoke. The songs are high qualities and are provides by well known disc manufacturers such as: DMX Karaoke, Easy Karaoke and Music Maestro.

You will obtain your songs on a CD+G (CD-G, CDG, CD Graphics...) of professional quality. This disc will work in all regular CD+G machines, also in your car and at home (only CD+G machines make it possible to see the lyrics on the screen).

You will get a real CD+G with the words on screen!

It is CD+G with the words of songs on screen!

Quality has a price!

Each song has its licences and its fully licensed with the authors the right society.

On your disc we will permanently print your name and all the titles you selected.

These new disc has better price report/ratio by song than any disc that you already bought!

Build your karaoke disc now! is part of the largest karaoke retailer in the world. The largest manufacturers of karaoke trust for the world distribution of their musics & lyrics of songs. You will discover here on this page an essential tool for research to choose among thousands of songs of high quality. Quality is what you wish and it is also our force. and is associated companies were always recognized by their professional service and the quality of the products and services which they offers to more than 44 000 satisfied customers. This ensures you a service and products of quality at prices more than competitive. Always with the fine point of technology, offers a guarantee of professionalism, a pledge of quality and satisfaction, a fast service and a guaranteed quality to you. With a great inventory of more than 1 000 000 of karaoke you dont wait! There is always a karaoke available for you whatever the date.

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Important information: Prices and order are in Canadian Dollars (currency converter: CAD). Other currencies are available using PayPal. The price list is displayed in the shopping cart. These titles are available at all time. Free international shipping with a purchase of $50. Delivery time guaranteed. Optional express delivery. Music style is an indication only. Picture, language and spelling are as faithful as possible but could differed from the product. The list of available titles and manufacturers are not guaranteed. The songs offered are the highest quality available. These are professional re-creations and not renditions by the original artist.

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